Both Jeff Snyder and Malcolm McKenzie are responsible for project planning, fee proposals, and project implementation. Should you require aerial photography, analytical triangulation, or ortho-imagery  as part of your digital mapping services, we are ready to provide the desired products.

Malcolm McKenzie and Jeff Snyder are responsible for liaison with our clients and one or both are available at all times.

McKenzieSnyder, Inc., utilizes the best equipment and most up-to-date software available—precision aerial cameras, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective approach to any project.


Malcolm C. McKenzie.

Virginia Licensed Surveyor Photogrammetrist, [License #0012].

North Carolina Professional Land Surveyor, [License #L-4101 Photogrammetry].

ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist [Certification #997].



Jeffrey L. Snyder.

Virginia Licensed Surveyor Photogrammetrist, [License #0013].

Associates Degree, Photogrammetry, Ferris State University, MI.